Transferring from Washington County or Waukesha – Spring

Welcome to the UWM Main Campus – we’re thrilled to welcome you! As a current UWM student, you are not required to complete any Orientation steps before enrolling in classes – get in touch with your Academic Advisor via Navigate when your enrollment appointment is open to pick classes.

If you’d like, you are invited to participate our Transfer & Adult Student Orientation (TASO) course and/or in-person program, register below!

Orientation Registration for Spring has closed

Are you an International Student? Find your information here!

Orientation Registration Steps

Step 1: Complete Admission Steps
You will be invited via post card and email to sign up online for TASO. We’ll invite you once we confirm you’re transitioning campuses and Orientation registration is open.

We highly encourage you to visit with your Academic Advisor as soon as possible. Make an academic advising appointment by logging into Navigate before you register for your courses. Your Academic Advisor can also be found in PAWS. You will be able to register for courses any time after your enrollment appointment.

If you are interested in living in University Housing, please follow this link for more information:

Step 2: Register for Orientation
You have two TASO program options:

  1. Complete the TASO Course only by selecting “TASO Course Only” during registration – this option allows you to complete the self-paced Orientation course with no program component.
  2. Complete the TASO Course and join for an in-person TASO Program – this option allows you to review Orientation information and come to campus to wrap up your experience.

After you register, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation with limited program details via email. If you choose to attend an in-person TASO program, you’ll receive more extensive directions via mail and email about one week prior to the program.

Student Policies

Changing Your Major
Part of your orientation experience is based on the major that you selected when you applied to UWM. You have the ability to change your major up to 10 days prior to your Orientation program in the registration site. Please note: Changing your major after you register may impact which date you can attend orientation.

If you’ve already registered for a program and you want to change your major, you’ll need to cancel your current registration at the same website, log back in and select “Change Major” at the top. You’ll then have to wait until your major is approved or not and log back in to re-register for the program. We will not accommodate major changes at the Orientation program.

Disability, Mobility, and Dietary Restrictions
We want to accommodate any mobility, disability, or dietary restrictions that you may have in order to provide you with the best orientation experience. If you need an accommodation, please indicate this when you register in the space provided.

Guest Policy
You are not required to bring a guest, but if you would like to bring family members with you, you are allowed up to 2 guests. Please note guests are not able to attend course enrollment with their student. We do not recommend bringing small children to this event.

Spanish Language Accommodations
If your parents/guests need Spanish language translation, please visit our Family Spanish Language Orientation website for more information.

Step 3: Prepare for Orientation
TASO schedule coming soon!

If you’re joining for an in-person program, consider bringing something to write with, a phone charger, a sweater (most buildings are air conditioned and can get cold), and some spending money, if you’d like (the PantherShop will be open!).

Remember to use #UWMTASO on Twitter or Instagram to share your experiences!

COVID-19 Guidelines
If you have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms within 10 days of your Orientation, please do not come to campus. Email us at and we can share options to make up your Orientation experience. If you are symptom-free, please follow campus guidelines requiring you to wear a mask. 

Submit Your ID Photo [Required] Prior to Orientation, you need to submit the photo you would like to appear on your PantherCard. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself and upload it through the GET UWM app, PantherCard’s online management system. Go here to the PantherCard Office website for detailed instructions and requirements for your photo.

Credit Agreement [Required]
Before being able to register for classes, you must complete your credit agreement. You can complete it through your PAWS account, by clicking “Credit Agreement” on your To Do List items.

Academic Plans
One of the most important things you will do as part of your Orientation experience is register for your first semester of classes. An advisor will help guide you on requirements for your major, but it’s a good idea to explore classes that fit your interests if you have room in your schedule. You can look at the schedule of classes for some ideas.

Family Preparation
Check out the full array of Family engagement opportunities! We recommend you do the following to get the most out of the (optional) Family Orientation programing:

  • Talk to your student about their academic classes since you won’t be joining them for class registration.
  • Provide your email address to get on the PantherFamilies email list.
  • Connect with your student after the program to hear what they learned.

Engage with UWM
Check out the Admitted Student website to see if there are any fun events you’d be interested in joining!

Step 4: Attend Orientation

Parking Details
When attending Orientation, we ask that you park in the Pavilion Parking Garage located off of Kenwood Avenue (3409 N. Downer Ave.). Do not park in a space marked “reserved.” Vehicles higher than 6’9” will not make the garage clearance. 

From the parking garage, Orientation Leaders and signage will direct you to the check-in area (Bolton Hall). Parking for one vehicle is included, and you will be given a pass when you arrive at the garage.

Please note that parking is not available for TASO until 11:30am. If you arrive prior to this time, you will not be given a pass and there may not be space to accommodate your vehicle.

Due to limited space, we can only accommodate 1 car per family.


After attending Orientation:

  • Students will be able to make informed choices regarding academic, personal and social issues.
  • Students will take personal responsibility for their own success.
  • Students will feel welcomed, comfortable, engaged and excited to be a member of the UWM community.
  • Students will grow in their understanding and respect of others in a diverse community
  • Students will be able to integrate previous academic and life experience to successfully transfer into UWM

We also expect that you have fun, come willing to learn and meet new people and adhere to all university policies during the program.

Step 5: Stay Connected After Orientation

Access to Orientation Presentations – Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Fees I’m paying?

  • You do not owe any Orientation-related fees because you’re not a new-to-UWM student!

What do I need to do before I come to orientation? 

  • Meet with your academic advisor prior to attending Orientation. Your Academic Advisor’s name is listed on the right-hand side of your PAWS homepage, you can contact the advising office to schedule an appointment. There may be an opportunity to meet with your advisor at TASO, but it is not guaranteed. Please select “Yes” in your registration to request an advising appointment.  
  • Take a photo of yourself for your student ID and submit it through the “GET UWM,” PantherCard’s online management system. Go to the PantherCard Office website for detailed instructions and requirements for your photo. Be sure to upload at least 48 hours prior to your Orientation date to ensure easy pick-up.  
  • Complete your credit agreement on PAWS ( This must also be completed to enroll in classes for the fall semester.  
  • If you have already enrolled in courses for your first term at UWM, visit the schedule of classes ( and course catalog ( to view the major requirements and courses available prior to attending orientation.  

Can family and guests attend TASO with me? 

  • Families and guests (limit 2) are welcome to attend but they are not required. 
  • If family or guests attend TASO with you, there will be portions of the day where you are separated. Some conference sessions and course enrollment are exclusively for students. 

What should I bring with me to TASO? 

  • ePanther ID and password (you will need this to enroll in classes) 
  • Comfortable walking shoes 
  • Jacket 
  • Umbrella (as needed) 

Will meals be provided for me? 

  • No — we will not be serving meals at Spring Orientation in 2022.

I want to change my major. How do I do that? 

  • You should get in contact with your Academic Advisor immediately to discuss your options.

I’m considering waiting to start at UWM until next semester. How do I do that, and should I do it?

  • There are many implications to changing terms. To get more information about deferring enrollment, changing terms, or any other sort of options to take semesters off from enrollment email

When will I be able to sign up for classes? 

  • You can enroll in classes as soon as your enrollment appointment is open.
  • If you need further assistance in scheduling an appointment through Navigate, visit our Transfer & Adult Freshman Resource Guide.