Rob Munoz

Team Lead
New Student Programs

Hey, my name is Roberto but you can call me Robert or Rob but just don’t call me if you need money. I’m an Electrical Engineering major who will hopefully be a Junior in the Fall. I was born and raised here in the good ol’ city of Milwaukee, so I kinda know the city like the back of my hand if you ever need a tour guide. I think my top two favorite things to do at UWM are probably Pantherfest and Geek Week. I enjoy playing video games, chilling with the homies, cooking and eating, taking pictures and just vibing in general. I also still get lost on campus sometimes and I’ll end up going to the wrong buildings or floor. So don’t be worried or anxious about college cause even some of us who have been here for a while are still grasping these concepts. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.