Colleen GalambosAging in place
Healthy aging
Intergenerational family work
Long-term care
Care transitions
Cognitive and functional issues
Training and education
Development of educational competencies
Abuse in later life
Family caregiving
Yura LeeRisk factors for dementia
Cognitive decline
Life transitions
Dementia caregivers
Assistive technology for dementia care
Jerry Rousseau*Aging mindfully
Caring for older family members
Self-care for the caregiver
Getting to know who you are becoming as you grow older
*Emeritus Faculty
Child Welfare
Linda BritzChild abuse and neglect
Traumatic grief and loss
Colleen JanczewskiChild welfare practice and policy
Differential response
Agency decision making
Family engagement
Thomasina JenkinsChild Protective Services
Foster care case management
employee self-care
Livy MalleChild welfare policy and practice
Child maltreatment
Family preservation
Foster care
Placement stability
Childhood trauma
Steven McMurtryChild Protective Services
Foster care
Joshua MerskyAdversity and trauma
Child and family well-being
David J. Pate Jr.Father involvement
Non-custodial parents
Dion RacksChild welfare practice and policy
Children and families’ issues with trauma
Adverse childhood experiences
Supervision in child welfare
Case management in child welfare
Susan Rose*Child neglect
Cross-cultural perspectives
Child welfare policy and practice
Dimitri TopitzesConsequences and prevention of child maltreatment
Quinn WilderFoster/adoptive parent training
Out-of-home youth worker
Competency development
*Emeritus Faculty
Community Practice
Colleen GalambosNeighborhood responsiveness to aging-in-place
Disability accommodation
(ADA Standards for Accessible Design)
Integrated approach to advance care planning
Thomasina JenkinsCommunity education and outreach services
Mental health private practice
Rebecca Headley KonkelNeighborhood characteristics and
local non-economic institutions on crime outcomes
Katie Mangan*Multi-systems
Family therapy
Home-based outreach
Susan Rose*Local political organizing
Devin ThomasSexual assault and domestic violence services
Aging out of foster care
Jeanne WagnerFoster care
Family preservation
Child abuse and neglect
Case management
Safety in the field
Trina Salm WardCommunity-engaged research
*Emeritus Faculty
Conflict Resolution and Social Work Practice
Roberta Hanus*Process-oriented leadership and conflict resolution
Jane HerethRestorative and transformative justice
Jerry Rousseau*Learning the skills of successful conflict engagement
Appreciating those who disturb us as necessary allies
*Emeritus Faculty
Jane HerethLGBTQ+ youth & young adults involved
in the criminal legal system
Rebecca Headley KonkelParole
Prisoner re-entry
Thomas LeBelIntervention strategies with correctional clients
Prisoner reintegration
Women in jail
Alternatives to incarceration
David J. Pate Jr.Child support
Welfare and males
Susan Rose*Women in jail
Addiction and child welfare needs
Alyssa SheeranIndividual and neighborhood-level influences of recidivism
Stan StojkovicPrisons and jails
Prison administration
Prisoner re-entry
*Emeritus Faculty
Steven G. Brandl*Crime patterns and analysis
Criminal investigation
Ruben BurgosCriminal investigation
Criminal intelligence and analysis
Danielle Romain DagenhardtDomestic violence
Sexual assault
Human trafficking
Gender and crime
Tina FreiburgerJuvenile delinquency
Race/ethnicity and crime
Criminological theory
Kimberly D. HassellRace and crime
Thomas LeBelCrime in the mass media
Ted LentzGun violence
Geographic criminology
Theories of crime
Social networks
Alyssa SheeranCriminological theory
Stan StojkovicPhilosophy of criminal justice
*Emeritus Faculty
Criminal Justice Policy and Administration
Steven G. Brandl*Issues in police management
Ruben BurgosPolice management
Kimberly D. HassellPolice management
Administration of justice
Thomas LeBelCorrectional administration and programming
Prisoner reintegration
Stan StojkovicCriminal justice administration
Amy WatsonOverrepresentation of people with mental illness
in the criminal legal system
*Emeritus Faculty
Criminal Justice Process
Ruben BurgosCrime and law enforcement
Tina FreiburgerJudicial processing
Kimberly D. HassellCriminal justice processing
Thomas LeBelCorrections process
Stan StojkovicCorrections process
Criminal justice processing
Cultural Diversity Issues
Ai BoRacial and ethnic disparities in
adolescent substance abuse
Racial and ethnic discrimination
Ethnic and racial socialization
Ruben BurgosCultural sensitivity training in law enforcement
Tina FreiburgerRace/ethnicity in the juvenile and
adult criminal justice systems
Colleen GalambosOlder adults
Access to health care and mental health care
Kimberly D. HassellRace/ethnicity and the criminal justice system
Thomasina JenkinsCulturally responsive social work practice
Melinda S. KavanaughLatino families and caregiving
Thomas LeBelFormerly incarcerated persons’
simultaneous stigmas
Yura LeeFormerly incarcerated persons’
simultaneous stigmas
Ted LentzDisparities in the criminal justice system
Gwat-Yong Lie*Diversity and its implications for social work education
Social work with Asian Americans
Katie Mangan*Multi-systems family therapy in an urban setting
Deborah Padgett*Diversity and organizations
Patricia ParkerCultural humility
Cultural intelligence (CQ)
Culturally competent social work practice
Cultural inclusiveness in organizational culture
Generational diversity
David J. Pate Jr.Black families
Devin ThomasCelebrating LGBTQ identities in social services settings
*Emeritus Faculty
Death and Dying
Linda BritzDevelopmental and lifespan
processes related to death, dying and grief
Colleen GalambosEnd-of-life decision making
Roberta Hanus*The intersection of spirituality and social work
Katie Mangan*Death in family systems
*Emeritus Faculty
Colleen GalambosPolicy issues
Cognitive functioning
Functional impairments
Melinda S. KavanaughAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Huntington’s Disease
Movement disorders
Jenny Taylor-McBrideEarly intervention programming
Economic and Social Policy Issues
Colleen GalambosHealthcare policy access
Medicare and Medicaid
Retirement policies including Social Security
Supplemental Security Income
Americans with Disabilities Act
Colleen JanczewskiFederal and state policy development
Organizational theory
Social workers as change agents
Vulnerable families inside public systems
Thomas LeBelCivil disabilities of formerly incarcerated persons
Prisoner reintegration
Steven McMurtry*Human service organizations and non-profit agencies
Laura Otto-Salaj*Working with human service organizations
and non-profit agencies
Organizational theory
Social power
Deborah Padgett*Management and organization theory
David J. Pate Jr.Social welfare policy
Non-custodial fathers
Amy WatsonMental health policy
*Emeritus Faculty
Health and Medical
Lisa BergerAlcohol interventions in general medical settings
Screening, Brief Intervention, and
Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)
Ai BoSocial determinants of health and health disparities
Behavioral decision-making for health behaviors
Steven G. Brandl*Health and safety issues in policing
Colleen GalambosHealthcare service access and delivery
Long-term care
Care transitions
Palliative care
Roberta Hanus*Chronic symptoms and community processes
Jane HerethHIV prevention and harm reduction
Thomasina JenkinsMedical social work
Integrated care
Melinda S. KavanaughHealth and social work
Child caregivers
Chronic illness and families
Yura LeeMultiple chronic conditions
Mild cognitive impairment and dementia
Cognitive function
Katie Mangan*Medical social work
Chronic and acute management in families
Joshua MerskyPopulation health
Home visiting
Laura Otto-Salaj*HIV/AIDS
Alcohol and drug addiction
Jerry Rousseau*Exploring the psychological aspects of physical symptoms
Julie SchuppieSocial and economic determinants of
racial disparities in health
Dimitri TopitzesHealth disparities
Educational predictors of adult health
Trina Salm WardMaternal and infant health
Public health and social work
*Emeritus Faculty
Gwat-Yong Lie*Chronicity
Treatment of co-occurring disorders
SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery (SOAR)
Targeted Case Management (TCM)
Supportive permanent housing
Housing First
Devin ThomasSupportive permanent housing
Harm reduction housing first models
*Emeritus Faculty
International Social Development
Colleen GalambosGerontechnology
Melinda S. KavanaughSouth Africa health care and neurological disorders
Susan Rose*Social policy and practice in Austria
Social policy and practice in Cuba
*Emeritus Faculty
Juvenile Justice
Tina FreiburgerProcessing juveniles in the system
Juvenile justice interventions
Jane HerethLGBTQ+ youth and young adults and policing
Law Enforcement
Steven G. Brandl*Police decision making and behavior
Police policy Criminal investigation
Police management
Ruben Burgos Criminal investigation
Police management
Gang crimes intel
Kimberly D. HassellPolice decision making and behavior
Police policy
Police management Data-driven policing
Women and policing
Ted LentzCrime mapping and spatial analysis
Social network analysis
Data-driven policing
Gun violence reduction
Amy WatsonPolice response to people experiencing mental health crisis
*Emeritus Faculty
Colleen GalambosLGBTQ+ issues and older adults
Jane HerethSocial and structural exclusion among LGBTQ+
youth and young adults
Victimization among LGBTQ+ individuals
LGBTQ+ youth and young adults involved
in the criminal legal system
Queer theory and social work practice
Devin ThomasLGBTQ+ anti-violence work
Sexual violence and intimate partner
violence in LGBTQ+ identities
Helping clients explore coming out process
Exploring gender and sexuality
Healthy relationships and sexuality
Marriage and Family
Colleen GalambosIntergenerational treatment involving older adults and families
Roberta Hanus*Individual and couples/group process work
Gwat-Yong Lie*Coping skills and survival strategies of
battered partners and rape survivors
Katie Mangan*Individual, marriage and family therapy
Deborah Padgett*Working with groups
Managing health organizations
Trina Salm WardFamily adjustments to caring for a newborn
*Emeritus Faculty
Mental Health / Mental Illness
Colleen GalambosMental health in older adult populations
Thomasina JenkinsDirect practice skills
Screening and assessment tools
African/Black psychology
Mental health and theology
Melinda S. KavanaughFamily caregiving across the life span
Impact of illness on family
Gwat-Yong Lie*Family preservation and the home-building model
Family violence and its impact on children
Yura LeeMental health in dementia caregivers and older immigrants
Laura Otto-Salaj*Health intervention models
Health behaviors
Dual diagnosis
Patricia ParkerFamily-centered practice
Strength-based practice with families and community development
Strength-based interventions
Empowerment and family development practice
Solution-focused interviewing
David J. Pate Jr.Fatherhood and domestic violence
Dion RacksWorking with families affected by mental illness in child welfare
Understanding the effects of mental health within family systems
Susan Rose*Mental health practice issues
Managed behavioral health care
Incarcerated mothers and pregnant women
Training for adoption competent practice
Jerry Rousseau*Holiday stress reduction
Practicing self-acceptance
Individual, couple, and group psychotherapy
Learning to live compassionately with a family member
with mental illness
Getting to know the shadow side of who we are
Jenny Taylor-McBrideInfant and early childhood mental health
Dimitri TopitzesFamily system interventions
Amy WatsonMental health services research
Mental illness stigma
*Emeritus Faculty
Prevention and Intervention
Ai BoAdolescent development and substance use prevention
Culturally sensitive programs for youth of color
Parent-based prevention programs
Prevention science
Colleen GalambosEarly illness detection and intervention
Ted LentzCrime prevention
Joshua MerskyPrevention science
Translational research
Jenny Taylor-McBrideHome visiting
Child care programming
Trina Salm WardPreventing infant deaths
Interventions to reduce risks in infant sleep environment
Quinn WilderAfter school/community
Youth program quality
Racial Equity and Inclusion
David J. Pate Jr.Black families
Social determinacies of health and economic security
Research Methods and Data Analysis
Lisa BergerEthics in intervention research
Ai BoSystemic review and meta-analysis
Structural equation modeling
Elicitation study
Mixed methods research
Survey methodology
Program evaluation
Mike Brondino*Multivariate analysis
Research design
Questionnaire readability
Danielle Romain DagenhardtQualitative research methods
Critical discourse analysis
Mixed methods
Program evaluation
Colleen GalambosIntervention research
Health systems research
Quality improvement research
Quantitative and qualitative methods
Jane HerethLatent class analysis
Qualitative research methods
Mixed methods research
Colleen JanczewskiApplied evaluation study design
Mixed methods
Survey design and implementation
Secondary analysis of administrative data
Multivariate analyses and advanced statistical modeling
Rebecca Headley KonkelGeospatial analysis of neighborhood effects on crime outcomes
Yura LeeSecondary analysis
Path analysis
Longitudinal analysis
Quantitative methods
Ted LentzSpatial analysis/mapping: advanced statistical modeling
Simulation modeling
Social network analysis
Joshua MerskyProgram evaluation
Longitudinal research
Screening and assessment
Randomized trials in community settings
Steven McMurtry*Brief standardized scales
Surveys Cohort studies
Laura Otto-Salaj*Quantitative and qualitative study design
Program evaluation
Randomized clinical trials
Ethics in human subjects research
David J. Pate Jr.Qualitative research methods/focus groups
Susan Rose*Use of rapid assessment instruments in clinical practice
Alyssa SheeranGeneral methods of social welfare research
Trina Salm WardQualitative research methods
Program evaluation
Amy WatsonQuantitative & qualitative study design
Community engaged research
Survey design
Randomized trials in community settings
*Emeritus Faculty
Social Work Ethics and Boundaries
Deborah Padgett*Workers and human service professionals
Advanced ethics and boundaries for social workers
Jeanne WagnerAdvanced ethics and boundaries workshop
Ethics and boundaries in a world of technology
In-home services
Hospice and palliative care
Social work ethics in supervision
Administration and macro practice
*Emeritus Faculty
Substance Abuse
Lisa BergerTreatment of alcohol use disorders – brief interventions
and motivational interviewing Screening and assessment
Ai BoAdolescent alcohol use decision making
Race, ethnic, and gender disparities in alcohol use
Structural and behavioral determinants of youth alcohol use
Substance use prevention
Thomas LeBel Treatment issues for prisoners
Recovery processes in addictions Drug courts
Laura Otto-Salaj* Co-occurring addictions
Women’s treatment issues and risk factors
Dual diagnosis
Alyssa SheeranAdult drug treatment courts
Dion RacksSubstance abuse and its impact on families in child welfare
Substance abuse and trauma
Susan Rose*Screening and assessment
Jeanne WagnerWorking with substance affected families in child welfare
*Emeritus Faculty
Thomasina JenkinsClinical supervision of mental health and
substance abuse providers
Deborah Padgett*Leadership
Jeanne WagnerEffective leadership in human service organizations
Quinn WilderAfter school/community,
youth program supervision skills & strategies
*Emeritus Faculty
Technology in Social Welfare Education
Thomasina JenkinsTelemental health
Jeanne WagnerUsing technology in social welfare education
Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care
Lisa BergerIntegrated substances use disorder and
trauma treatment for women
Linda BritzInterpersonal violence and trauma
Crystal CarterHealth disparities in underserved communities
Trauma/community trauma
Women’s issues
African Americans and mental health
Colleen GalambosOlder adult population
Jane HerethImproving supportive and legal services for
LGBTQ+ survivors of victimization
Thomasina JenkinsOrganizational trauma-informed and
trauma responsive services
Vicarious trauma
Trauma counseling techniques
PTSD screening, assessment, and treatment
Joshua MerskyTrauma theory and research
Trauma responsive practices
Devin ThomasLGBTQ individuals impacted by trauma
Dimitri TopitzesBasic and applied research into early trauma exposure
Teaching and training in trauma-based
interventions and practice principles
Trauma resolution
*Emeritus Faculty
Welfare Reform
David J. Pate Jr. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Child support