UWM Police Message Regarding Victim Assistance

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Police Department is committed to the safety of students and encourages students to look out for one another. This is particularly important when students are involved with alcohol and/or drug use. To ensure that everyone’s physical safety is the primary consideration, UWM will provide some relief from disciplinary action for students who seek assistance for themselves, or others related to alcohol and/or drug overuse or impairment.

Students who meet the following criteria will not face university disciplinary action or UWM Police citations for underage alcohol use and/or other drug use:

  • The student seeks police/rescue assistance or assistance from UWM staff for someone who is overly intoxicated and/or impaired due to drugs and/or alcohol, or is the victim of sexual violence (sexual assault or dating/domestic violence), and
  • The student seeking such assistance remains on scene and cooperates with emergency personnel and/or UWM staff. This includes providing any requested information to the extent the student is capable of doing so.
  • The student who is the subject of any request for assistance cooperates with emergency personnel to the extent the student is capable of doing so.

Here is the link to the complete UWM Drug, Alcohol, and Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Policy –

UWM does not control whether the City of Milwaukee or other local police departments will issue citations and/or refer other illegal activity for criminal charges. Please note, however, that state law protects a student engaged in underage drinking from receiving an underage drinking citation if that student is reporting a sexual assault or human trafficking (see Wis. State Statute 125.07(5)). State law can also give immunity from criminal prosecution when they are aiding someone who is believed to be suffering from a drug overdose (See Wis. State Statue 961.443).

Link to Wis. State Statute 125.07(5)-Requests For Emergency Assistance

Link to Wis. State Statute 961.443-Immunity From Criminal Prosecution; Possession

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