Challenges for Low-Cost Space Exploration

Challenges for Low-Cost Space Exploration Learn how structural materials have evolved for rapidly expanding humans’ exploration of space. Dr. Rani El Hajjar will describe current industrial efforts and how the ability of humans becoming a multiplanetary species hinges on the… Read more

Unblinded By the Light

Unblinded By the Light Join Janis Eells as she describes how space research opened our eyes on Earth. From growing plants in space to treating eye disease on earth, learn about NASA’s role in the development and application of light-emitting… Read more

Imagining the Moon: A History of Lunar Visualizations

Join Marcy Bidney, curator of the UWM Libraries’ American Geographical Society Library (AGSL), as she explores the history of visualizing the moon, from pretelescopic observations that imagined what the moon might look like to lunar cartography up through the space… Read more

Exploring Other Moons: The Amazing Atmosphere of Titan

Exploring Other Moons: The Amazing Atmosphere of Titan Learn about life on moons that orbit other planets, such as Saturn. Chemistry professor Dr. Joseph Aldstadt will describe how the recent exploration of the Saturnian system by the Cassini-Huygens mission has… Read more

Moon Rocks!

Geologist Dr. Lindsay McHenry will describe how scientists use Moon rocks to study the history of the solar system. This event is part of the UWM Planetarium’s 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing event series.  

Lunar Eclipse

Witness a Total Lunar Eclipse on the evening of Sunday, January 20, 2019, at the UWM Manfred Olson Planetarium. Telescopes and binoculars will be available in the Physics building courtyard for visitors to view this incredible phenomenon of the moon… Read more