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The UWM Planetarium connects the community to the beauty of the night sky and the wonders of the cosmos through live, interactive programs that engage audiences in entertaining, innovative, and accessible ways. Whether you’re a student, family, or member of the community, we welcome you! Learn more about the UWM Planetarium.

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Jean’s Victoria’s Corner

Sometimes great ideas come in dreams. The idea to take over Jean’s Corner was one such dream of mine. 

The Moon and Jupiter from my recent trip to Italy.

Not everyone knows my story: Although I became Assistant Director in 2018, I worked at the planetarium as an undergraduate student for 3 years. It was my favorite experience during college and I was sad to leave when I graduated. As she does with many student staff, Jean stayed in touch with me over the years until the Assistant Director position was created. My dream come true!

One of the things I love most about this job is getting to work with so many talented undergraduate students. They all have unique skills and personalities, and I love to see them collaborate and grow. 

I look forward to answering your inquiries!


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