• Learn about our nearest celestial neighbor from an expert astronomer.

Due to COVID-19, we are offering virtual events and private reservations.

Upcoming Events

We are offering an exclusive, members-only virtual event on June 9: NASA’s SOFIA: The World’s Largest Moving Observatory. Get access by joining our growing membership group.

Join Milwaukee’s Urban Ecology Center and UWM Planetarium Director, Jean Creighton, for either a hike through Riverside Park or a canoe ride down the Milwaukee River! While enjoying the full Moon above you’ll learn about our nearest celestial neighbor and more from an expert astronomer. 


Dodging Doom: July 14-16, 2021

This summer, NASA’s new planetary defense mission DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) begins its journey towards the near-Earth asteroid, Didymos, where it will attempt to alter the trajectory of the asteroid’s moon. Join us in an exploration of Earth’s history with asteroids, then take a glimpse into the future of planetary defense against possible threats and learn how you can become a defender of Earth! 

Shooting Stars and Meteor Showers, August 6, 2021 at 7 pm

Many know shooting stars for the striking trails of light they give off, but their name is misleading since they are neither shooting nor stars. These light trails, also known as meteors, are fragments of either comets or asteroids. Find out how to witness these mesmerizing light trails for yourself! 


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