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Connecting the community to the beauty of the night sky and wonders of the cosmos

About the Planetarium

The UWM Planetarium connects the community to the beauty of the night sky and the wonders of the cosmos through live, interactive programs that engage audiences in entertaining, innovative, and accessible ways. Whether you’re a student, family, or member of the community, we welcome you! Learn more about the UWM Planetarium.

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The grid below shows the next nine events. To see all upcoming events, click here or on the View the Entire Planetarium Calendar button below the grid.

Our online ticketing website is experiencing technical issues. All ticket sales for upcoming events will be in person. We start selling tickets outside of the Planetarium 30 minutes before the scheduled show start time. We accept cash or credit card. If you are a Planetarium Member, email us at to let us know how many people will attend.

Jean’s Corner

We are wrapping up an exciting year. Our talented planetarium team members have worked on numerous projects: Constellations of the Zodiac, the ambitious series of 12 shows; a complete overhaul of our website including new pictures, movies, and how-to videos; more engaging social media; and undergraduate research on how best to present new information about exoplanets and the James Webb Space Telescope. 

The team at work!

The biggest project, however, is getting ready for the 100th anniversary of the first planetarium ever built. We are making big strides to:

  • Plan viewing events for two solar eclipses in October 2023 and April 2024. We just received an order of 10,000 solar eclipse glasses for safe Sun viewing!
  • Host an astronaut at UWM as part of UWM’s Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Collaborate with Summerfest and other entities for fun summer space activities
  • Bring astronomers from other countries to guest speak at the planetarium
  • Bring hundreds of middle school MPS students to the planetarium for the first time
  • Host a starry disco dance party to conclude our celebrations

…and much, much more! If you are in a position to help, we are 75% of the way towards our fundraising goal for the year. Any amount helps!

We are very excited about ramping up for these celebrations. Happy winter solstice to you!


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