Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shows do you do?
We offer live programs for school groups, general audiences (evening programs and some matinees), private programs for Boy and Girl Scouts, Kids Birthday parties, and Corporate parties.  We can customize the private programs so you can get exactly what you’re looking for in our planetarium.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept checks, cash, and credit cards.  For programs and memberships, we can accept payment over the phone.
How do I purchase a membership?
You can purchase a membership by filling out a form and having us contact you for payment or you can purchase one at the door.  You can find the form here
What should I wear?
Our planetarium is indoors.  We suggest that you dress in layers because sometimes the theater can be too warm or too cold.  We also ask to please avoid light up shoes.
Do you provide neck pillows?
No, we do not provide any additional neck support.
What is the capacity of your planetarium?
We can seat 68 people.
Can I leave in the middle of a show?
We ask that you stay seated until the end of the show especially if indoor stargazing has began because opening the door will ruin the beautiful dark sky for the rest of the visitors.  Please use the restroom in advance. Thank you for your consideration.
How old should my child be to come to the planetarium?
We recommend that your child is older than 4 years of age.  We also ask that they are comfortable to sit in their own chair in the dark.
Where is stargazing held?
On a clear night, stargazing will be held on the observing deck of the UWM Physics building on the 5th floor (take the eastern staircase or the elevator to the 4th floor and then climb one more flight of stairs) . If it is not clear, it will be held in the Planetarium (Physics 139). Unfortunately, the outdoor observing deck is not wheelchair accessible.
Do you have disability seating? Is the UWM Planetarium wheelchair accessible?
Yes and yes!
Where are you located?
We are located in the Physics Building on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Campus at the corner of Kenwood Blvd and Cramer Street.  UWM Physics Building 139
1900 East Kenwood Blvd
Milwaukee WI 53211
How do I contact you?
Several ways.  Please visit our to find the easiest way for you!
How far in advance should I book a private show?
We ask that you book at least two weeks in advance.
How far in advance should I pay for a private show?
We ask that we receive your payment two weeks before your private show.
Do you have parking?
There is parking through the University.  It is $1.50 an hour.  We also have street parking upon availability.  Please visit our Directions and Parking webpage for maps and further instructions.
How long is a show?
Our live programs, which include stargazing and questions, typically run around 60 min.  We offer shorter (such as AstroBreaks) and longer programs (if we add optional activities).