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Moving to Mars activity challenge

Solar System in your Pocket (K-2)

Kids Astronomy Space Science Worksheets (K-12)

NASA Activities (K-12)

NASA Space Place  (3-8)

Creating Constellations on a Coordinate Plane (6-8)


Seasons and the Moon (3-12)

The Sun (3-12)

The Solar System (3-12)

Space School: The Planets and More (3-12)

Total Solar Eclipse (3-12)

Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (3-12)

Space How-Tos: Everyday Living Off World (3-12)

Rocket Launches from Around the World (3-12)

Sun and Space Weather Movie Gallery (6-8)

Earth with Aurora Viewed from International Space Station (6-12)

Hubble’s Universe Unfiltered (6-12)

Hubble Space Telescope Playlist (6-12)

The Milky Way and Beyond (6-12)

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of NASA’s Historic Moon Landing (6-12)

Artemis: NASA’s Moon to Mars Plans (6-12)

NASA History (6-12)

This Week at NASA (6-12)


Keeping an Eye on Space Rocks (3-8)

Observe the Constellations (3-8)

Explore Earth’s Daily Rotation (3-8)

Explore Earth’s Yearly Revolution (3-8)

How Orbits Work: Shoot a Cannonball into Orbit! (3-12)

Earth Turning on its Axis (6-8)

Orbiter Space Flight Simulation (6-12)

NASA: Vital Signs of the Planet (6-12)

Free Stargazing Software: Stellarium (6-12)

Stargazing Apps

Star Walk 2 (iOS) $2.99

Star Walk 2 is a great premium stargazing app that comes with a variety of useful features. Just point your phone to the sky to locate or identify stars, constellations, and planets. You can even scroll through time to see how these objects move across the sky.

Star Chart (iOS/Android) Free!

Star Chart is a great free alternative to Star Walk 2. It doesn’t come with quite as many features but works just as well. It’s a great tool for aspiring astronomers.

ISS Spotter (iOS) Free!

This 5-star rated app on Apple’s App Store tracks the location of the International Space Station (ISS). You can set an alarm that will notify you shortly before the station will pass overhead so that you won’t miss it!

ISS Detector Satellite Tracker (Android) Free!

This Google Play Store app tracks the location of the International Space Station (ISS). You can set an alarm to be notified shortly before the ISS passes overhead as well as check if weather conditions are optimal for spotting the station.

SkyMap (Windows) $1.49

SkyMap for Windows phone is a great tool for aspiring astronomers. Just point your phone to the sky to learn more about stars, constellations, and planets. The app has a free trial available to try out first.


Cool Cosmos: Your Guide to the Infrared Universe (3-12)

Hubble Image Gallery (3-12)

NASA: Comets (3-12)

NASA Space Place  (3-8)

Views of the Solar System (6-8)

What are the Parts of the Sun? (6-8)

The Outer Planets (6-8)

Windows to the Universe (6-12)

Auroras: Paintings in the Sky (6-12)

NASA: Solar System Exploration (6-12)

NASA: Mars (6-12)

NASA Astrophysics (6-12)

NASA: Big Bang Cosmology (6-12)

Hubble Site (6-12)

The Sky Live: Your Guide to the Solar System and the Night Sky (6-12)

NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (9-12)

Space Exploration Timeline (9-12)

Magazines and News

Sky and Telescope

Astronomy Magazine

Discover Magazine

Universe Today


Our Very Own Star: The Sun (K-2)

Goodnight Moon, Margaret Wise Brown (K-2)

If You Decide to Go to the Moon, Faith McNulty (K-2)

The Magic School Bus Sees Stars, Joanna Cole (K-2)

The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System, Joanna Cole (K-8)

What the Sun Sees, What the Moon Sees, Nancy Tafuri (3-8)

The Magic School Bus Space Explorers, Joanna Cole (3-8)

The Solar System, Cathy Imhoff (3-8)

Follow the Drinking Gourd, Jeanette Winter (3-8)

The Usborne Internet-Linked Book of Astronomy & Space, Lisa Miles and Alastair Smith (3-12)

Black Holes and Other Space Phenomena, Philip Steele (3-12)

Nature Activities: Stargazer, Ben Morgan (3-12)

1000 Facts About Space, Pam Beasant (3-12)

A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking (9-12)