What Can Philosophy Do for You?

Philosophy is a classic liberal arts major that is known for being both challenging and fascinating. It is good to study what you love, since it leads to a happier life. It turns out philosophy is good for careers as well as for minds and happiness. Students graduate with a broad range of knowledge and skills that are applicable in every profession, making philosophy one of the most flexible undergraduate programs.


Careers for Philosophy Majors?

As Universities are ever increasingly seen as vocation schools, the natural question for the philosophy major is, “What type of Job can I get with this degree?” Good news! Philosophy opens doors to many interesting and profitable careers beyond academia, such as AI research and international relations.

Do Philosophy Majors Make any Money?

Philosophers are the highest paid out of all the humanities majors, making a median mid-career income of $84,000.00 annually. That’s higher than both accounting and business!

Be Employable: Study Philosophy

Philosophy teaches you how to think clearly, analytically and logically, abilities which can be applied to any line of work. These skills are highly transferable and desirable. In a market marked by high turnover, skills applicable to a wide range of professions is a must.

The Power of the Liberal Arts Major

If you’re getting a liberal arts degree, you’re actually in more demand than those who are getting finance and accounting degrees.

The Rise in Stock of Philosophy Graduates

Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show philosophy graduates are in growing demand from employers.

Why Some M.B.A.s are Reading Philosophy

Courses like “Why Capitalism?” push students to ponder business in a broader context, and address a common complaint of employers, who say recent graduates are trained to solve single problems but miss the big picture.

Study of Philosophy Makes Gains Despite Economy

In an era in which chronic unemployment seems to demand hard skills, some students are turning to an ancient study that they say prepares them not for a job, but for the multiple jobs they expect to hold during their lifetimes.

Big Questions

You’ve undoubtedly questioned the existence of God, the nature of reality, the grounding for morality and what makes something beautiful. In philosophy you can attempt to answer these questions through creative thinking and logical analysis.

Here are some famous questions with links to philosophers attempting to answer them:

Standardized Tests

High Scores

Think you might want to continue on for further education in law, medicine, business or humanities? Then philosophy is one of the best degrees for you!

Philosophy and the GRE

Thinking about graduate school? Add up the three sections: Philosophy majors have the highest score on the GRE.

Philosophy and the GMAT

How about business school? Philosophy majors outperform majors in economics, statistics, finance, accounting, and business majors.

Philosophy and the LSAT

Need that J.D.? Philosophy is a better bet than political science, pre-law, and anything starting with “business.”

Philosophy and Med School

Philosophy enjoys the highest acceptance rate to medical school.

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