Richard Tierney

Professor Emeritus
 Curtin Hall 602/623


PhD, Columbia University

Research Interests

Aristotle, both from the ancient perspective and with a view to inform contemporary discussions in metaphysics and philosophy of mind, Plato’s epistemology, and Quine.

Teaching Interests

History of ancient philosophy, as well as in logic, metaphysics, and modern philosophy.

Selected Publications

Tierney, R. J.(2007) Aristotle on the Necessity of Opposites in Posterior Analytics I.4.Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, XXXII(Summer, 2007), 139-166.
Tierney, R. J.(2004) The Scope of Aristotles’s Essentialism in the Posterior Analytics.Journal of the History of Philosophy.
Tierney, R. J.(2001) Aristotle’s Scientific Demonstrations as Expositions of Essence.Sedley, D. (Ed). Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 149-170.
Tierney, R. J.(2001) On the Senses of ‘Sumbebekos’ in Aristotle.Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 21, 61-82.