Julius Sensat

Professor Emeritus
 Curtin Hall 612


  • PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests:

  • Classical German philosophy, Marxism, Rawls, Habermas, philosophy of economics, game theory and theories of rational decision.

Teaching Interests:

  • Ethics, social and political philosophy, classical German philosophy and Marxism.

Selected Publications

Sensat, J. O. (2016) The Logic of Estrangement: Reason in an Unreasonable Form. 224 pages.
Sensat, J. O. (2007) Rawlsian Justice and Estrangement: Insights from Hegel and Marx. Twenty-First Century Papers: On-Line Working Papers from the Center for 21st Century Studies .
Sensat, J. O. (2003) Classical German Philosophy and Cohen’s Critique of Rawls. European Journal of Philosophy , 11(3), 314-353.
Sensat, J. O. (1997) Game Theory and Rational Decision. Erkenntnis , 47, 379-410.
Sensat, J. O. (1996) Marx’s Inverted World. Topoi , 15(2), 177-188.
Sensat, J. O. (1996) Reification as Dependence on Extrinsic Information. Synthese , 109(3), 361-399.
Sensat, J. O. (1996) Socialism as an Attitude. Wright, E. O. (Ed). Equal Shares: Making Market Socialism Work , 250-262. London and New York: Verso.