Robert Schwartz

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
 Curtin Hall 617


PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

Philosophy of psychology, language and mathematical cognition, philosophy of science and pragmatism.

Teaching Interests

Introduction to philosophy, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of science, and Pragmatism.

Selected Publications

Schwartz, R. Berkeley’s Account of Extension in Vision Science. Perception and the History of Philosophy . Routledge Press.
Schwartz, R. Berkeleian Instrumentalism: From Substance to Space. Springer Publisher.
Schwartz, R. Pragmatic Perspectives: Constructivism beyond Truth and Realism. Routledge Press.
Schwartz, R. (2017) Berkeley and Austin on the Argument form Illusion. Cambridge University Press.
Schwartz, R. A. (2017) “Pragmatism, Inquiry, and Knowledge”. Schwartz, R. A. (Ed). Perspektiven der Zeiched und Interpretationsphilosophie . De Gruyter Pub..
Schwartz, R. (2017) “Perceptual Veridicality”. Schwartz, R. A. (Ed). Philosophical Topics , 44(2).
Schwartz, R. (2016) Constructivism: Values, Norms, and Obligations. Routledge Publishers.
Schwartz, R. A. (2012) “The Illusion of Visual Illusions”. Calabi, . , & Spinacci, . (Eds). The Philosophy and Psychology of Illusions . Palgrave Press.
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