Nataliya Palatnik

Assistant Professor, Awards Committee Chair
 Curtin Hall 627


PhD, Harvard University

Selected Publications

Palatnik, N. () The Self-Binding Self: Phenomena and Noumena in Kant’s Practical Philosophy. Rethinking Kant , Vol. 7. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Palatnik, N. (2023) Kant on Good Will. Understanding Kant’s Groundwork . Hackett Publishing.
Palatnik, N. (2022) Kantian freedom at a distance. British Journal for the History of Philosophy .
Palatnik, N. (2018) Kantian Agents and Their Significant Others. Kantian Review , Cambridge University Press , 23.2, 285-306.
Palatnik, N. (2018) The Ideal of the Highest Good and the Objectivity of Moral Judgment. Kant Yearbook 2018 , De Gruyter , 125-148.
Boehm, M. , & Palatnik, N. (2017) Causation in Modern Philosophy, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online .