Our Approach

Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education (SREed) is a research and evaluation group at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee that provides educators authentic, theory-driven evaluation and consulting services that promote system change and improvement. We implement our services according to the following four principals:


We help clients understand why their programs and policies are or are not working as they are intended. We do this by exploring the theories that determine how a program is designed and how it is being implemented.


We ensure that the questions we are asking in our evaluations are the most salient to our clients now. We have a strong history of working collaboratively with school districts, state education agencies, community organizations, non-profits, and universities.


We adhere to a Utilization-Focus in our work. We define our success by how much our partners are able to use what we learn to inform their decision-making.


SREed has expertise and experience using a wide range of evaluation and research designs to address the informational and support needs of educators. These include experimental, quasi-experimental, and theory-driven approaches. Within any one evaluation project, multiple qualitative and quantitative methods are used.