UWM is a Leader in Sustainability and Climate Resilience

Organizations across the state look to UW-Milwaukee for research and climate change solutions created by UWM’s innovative students, faculty and staff.

Examples of environmental, financial and community resilience include the creation of a stormwater master plan, internal management of campus recycling pickup, using a surplus process to reuse thousands of items each year, and maintaining campus gardens to provide fresh produce for the UWM Food Center and Pantry.

Since 2005, UWM building emissions have declined more than 20% thanks to campus energy efficiency efforts and building design. UWM is engaged in a Climate Action-Carbon & Resilience Plan to meet science-based mitigation goals and to build on UWM’s strengths to adapt.

UWM offers roughly 600 courses that examine issues through the lens of sustainability, and 148 faculty and staff are engaged in sustainability research. Because of this innovative and visionary work, UW-Milwaukee was the first UW System school to receive a Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Award.