Geosciences major found endless support and hands-on opportunities at UWM

Jorge Acosta, a geosciences major from Illinois, says UWM’s undergraduate research and leadership opportunities have built his confidence and his resume. Through the UWM Roberto Hernández Center, Acosta was nominated to participate in a program for underrepresented students in geoscience called Go Forward, which led to a mentoring position and an internship in his field.

“I think imposter syndrome is very common and that’s why there’s a diversity issue in STEM because a lot of underrepresented students don’t know the opportunities or just don’t think that they are able to do it because when they picture a scientist in their minds, they probably don’t think of themselves,” Acosta says.

The Roberto Hernández Center is one of many multicultural and support centers on campus that provide opportunities for one-on-one academic support and workshops, cultural programs, networking and more.