Student-created salad on the UWM menu for fall

UWM Executive Chef Jacob Moss was amazed at the creativity displayed by the South Division High School students when they came together to create a salad recipe for the Roots for the Home Team program.

The chef loved the salad so much, he is including it on the fall 2019 menu at all RESTOR shops at UWM.

 “They had an idea for the salad and a clever story behind it,” said Jacob Moss, UWM executive chef. “They wanted the salad to be as colorful as the diversity in their school.”

The students of Roots for the Home Team build new salad recipes with local professional chefs. Once the salads are created, the students sell the healthy greens at 20 Milwaukee Brewers home games, beginning this year May 25-26. The students who grow the produce are part of the Learn-Earn-Grow MKE program that has partnered with UWM, MPS and MATC to give students hands-on experience with farming and entrepreneurship.

“The students took pride in what they were doing, especially when they could come up to the kitchen to show me their tomatoes. They were so excited about their tomatoes,” Moss said.

The South House Summer Salad was the creative invention of South Division High School students Genesis Garcia, Sarah Chacon and Jesus Cerda. The salad includes summer produce like strawberries and sweet corn accompanied with a raspberry vinaigrette that includes dash of curry powder.

Bonnie Halvorsen, director of Roots for the Home Team, said that she would never have thought of putting curry powder and raspberries together, but it makes for an amazing dressing.

Much of the produce for these salads are grown at the urban farms at these high schools as part of the Learn-Earn-Grow program. Halvorsen is also the director for Learn-Earn-Grow.

“Bonnie is fantastic,” Moss said. “She’s got this aura and energy around her that’s so dynamic, and everybody feeds off of it.”

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