Basting to present at TEDMED event

Anne Basting, Peck School of the Arts theater professor and 2016 MacArthur Fellow, will be a presenter at TEDMED 2020 in Boston in March.

The event’s theme is “Make Way for Wonder,” bringing together pioneering scientists, problem solvers and doers focused on tackling – and celebrating – the rich complexities of body, brain and the natural world. Basting’s work uses creative engagement to confront the challenges of aging and dementia.

Basting is balancing preparations for her first TEDMED talk with revisions for her fourth book and teaching at UWM. She’s still at work on the first draft of her talk, which will touch on “how inviting someone we care for to play with the powerful tools of imagination fundamentally changes how we perceive of and deliver care. Care becomes a process of meaning-making.”

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