The Tomorrow People: Entry to the Museum Workforce

Maurice Davies, Deputy Director of the Museums Association, recently wrote a research report about entering the museum profession, and has six recommendations for improving the field.

Do you agree with these recommendations? Are there some that you think Davies missed?

Here’s a quick summary of the six recommendations:

  1. Museums should provide high-quality volunteering/internships for a wide range of people interested in a museum career.
  2. There should be a widening of entry routes with employers supporting more traineeships, apprenticeships and internal progression of staff.
  3. Far greater efforts need to be made to diversify the museum workforce.
  4. Museum-studies courses need to take greater, more strategic responsibility for their impact on the museum workforce as a whole.
  5. There needs to be better training and development for new entrants, including those on short-term contracts.
  6. AMA could play a bigger role.

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