The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)

ARC1ARC helps to ensure that UWM offers equal access for all students to the University’s programs and services. The Accessibility Resource Center provides academic accommodations and services to students with disabilities and also provides information and support to faculty and staff.  ARC works with students with all disabilities, including learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorders, all chronic health conditions, mobility impairments, visual impairments, deaf and hard of hearing, etc.

ARC2They provide academic accommodations needed for coursework which may include note takers, extended time or separate room for exams, electronic and alternate format materials, captioning and interpreting, assistive technology and other services as needed. Supportive counseling, guidance and advocacy are also available.  Students must submit documentation of their disability in order to receive services. Visit the ARC Website to learn more about the services they offer.