Veteran’s Advisory Council to the Chancellor

Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) Chancellor’s Task Force on Military & Veteran Student Affairs will work to address current and future issues affecting the admission, continuing enrollment, progress toward a degree, and quality of the university experience for UWM students who are active duty members of the military, military veterans, and military dependents. The Task Force will be comprised of UWM faculty and staff and will include representatives from the offices of Admissions, the Registrar, Financial Aid, Auxiliary Services, , and Student Affairs. The Military Task Force will report to and respond to guidance from the Office of the Chancellor.

Task Force Members

Yolanda Medina, Co-Chair, MAVRC Director

Heidi Plach, Co-Chair

Shawn Cahill
Stephanie Carmichael
James “Groovy” Cocroft
Tobiah Deutsch
Jason “J” Dietenberger
Craig Goldsmith
Patrick Grube
Erica Harwell
Yolanda Medina
Carlos Munoz ii
Heidi Plach
James Schmidt
Ginny Stoffel
Sarah Terry
Tiffany Thornton