About Us


Opened in November of 2012, MAVRC works to address the challenges faced by the military-related student. The journey towards a resource center began as a collaborative effort between the Veterans Advisory Council to the Chancellor – comprised of UWM faculty and staff, several of whom were military veterans and the newly-formed Student Veterans of America, in partnership with campus leadership. Each group recognized the unique experiences service members bring to the UWM campus and Milwaukee community, as well as the potential barriers that impede the transition from the military into the civilian world.

MAVRC recognizes the need for support of spouses and children receiving military education benefits in navigating the world of higher education and we work to advocate for this group as well.

As part of the Centers for Advocacy and Student Engagement, MAVRC works to support UWM military-related students while earning their college degrees and completing successful transitions into the civilian workplace.


Mission – CASE is a collective effort to educate, connect resources, and develop programming that advocates for all students, ourselves, and each other to impact change at structural, institutional, and systemic levels. 

The members of CASE include the First-Generation +the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans Resource Center (LGBTRC)Military and Veteran’s Resource Center (MAVRC), and the Women’s Resources Center (WRC). Each of these Centers serves students by creating spaces, programs, and resources that support each student’s journey through UWM.   


Advocate for Students – Work to engage and uplift the voices of underrepresented, marginalized, and minoritized student communities at UWM. 

Create an Affirming EnvironmentThrough programming, services, education, and policies, CASE members foster a sense of belonging and community accountability advancing systemic change. 

Care – Creating a respectful, compassionate, trusting environment that celebrates success and fosters the health and well-being of the collective staff to better serve our students.