Maps & America 2023

The Arthur Holzheizmer Lecture Series

AGSL’s annual Holzheimer Maps & America hybrid lecture will be held on May 4, 2023 at 6pm. Registration is required for both virtual and in-person attendees. Our speaker this year will be Dr. Karen Lewis, Chair of Undergraduate Studies in Architecture and Associate Professor of Architecture at The Ohio State University. The title of her talk is “Unquiet Journeys: Mapping the Underground Railroad.”

Eric Theise Presentation

On April 13th at 3pm, Eric Theise will give a presentation entitled “A Synesthete’s Atlas: Performing Cartography.”

Eric Theise combines strategies from experimental film & animation, color
theory, the Light and Space movement, and concrete poetry with open data and open source software to create digital maps that behave in ways never intended by the original developers.

In this talk Eric presents Carto-OSC, an assemblage of open source libraries, data, and protocols, plus the 1000+ lines of JavaScript that integrates it all into a touch-surface control panel. He’ll discuss his motivations, his use of the Open Sound Control protocol to drive the manipulations, offer aesthetic observations, and present video excerpts of previous performances. Eric will leave time for discussion and a short demonstration, and will try to entice you to attend his collaboration with a local musician later in the week.

This event will be presented in-person at the AGSL as well as online. If you wish to attend online, please register here to receive a Zoom link. For more information, please email

AGSL Lectures

The AGSL hosts a number of lecture series, events and exhibits throughout the year. To receive email updates about any of our lectures, send an email to with the subject: lectures & exhibits updates.

UWM Department of Geography Lectures


Each academic year the AGSL hosts the UWM Geography Department’s colloquium from 2:30-4:00pm on Friday afternoons. For more information see the Department of Geography’s calendar of events.

Harold and Florence Mayer Lecture Series

This lecture series is sponsored by the Department of Geography and held in the AGSL in the fall and spring. It is made possible by an endowment from Harold and Florence Mayer. Harold Mayer (1916 – 1994) was a professor of geography at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and one of the leading scholars in the field of urban geography in the twentieth century. He specialized in Urban and Transport Geography of North America with a focus on New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, and British Columbia. For more information see the Department of Geography’s web site.