Season 2 Ep 5 Cultural Appreciation Versus Appropriation Part 2

Ava, Cris, Pader

In the fourth episode, Ava, Cris and Pader tackle cultural appreciation, appropriation and everything in between. This episode focuses on the controversy of specific cultures becoming trendy in mainstream media, how traditions became watered down when popularized, and the hold social media has on individuality.

In Episode 5, Cris, Ava and Pader continue to talk about trends and the grey area surrounding cultural appropriation versus appreciation. They dive into the crazes that have shaped culture in recent years and historical trends that became cultural standards. The team offers tips on how to appreciate other cultures with interest rather than exoticism. The steps include invitation, education, immersion and amplifying previously marginalized voices.

Key Words: Individuality, social media, cultural appropriation, cultural appreciation, groupthink, trend, cultural awareness, culture, minority, majority,