Season 2 Ep 2 Hustle Culture

Cris, Pader, Ava

Join Ava, Cris and Pader for the second episode where the team debunks hustle culture. If you find that your emotional and mental burnout doesn’t fade after slamming your caffeine of choice, this episode is for you. Whether you listen while sipping a vending machine energy drink or a third cup of dark roast, this episode dives into the dark side of productivity. The team uncovers the reasons normalizing “the grind” and workaholic tendencies pervade American culture, how to heal from it, and ways to find fulfillment in the everyday.

Key Words:

Hustle, Culture, Burn-out, BIPOC, scholarships, opportunity, self-doubt, Affirmative action, mental health, productivity, guilt, success, young adult, lifestyle.