Empowering Language Educators: A Hands-On Workshop Integrating AI Technologies

Here is the video of the workshop in case you had to miss it!

This workshop is co-sponsored by:

UW-Milwaukee Language Resource Center
Wisconsin Association of Chinese Language Teachers
UW-Milwaukee National Resource Center Title VI Grant

December 15 10:00am – 1:30pm (lunch break from 12:00pm to 12:30pm) , 2023

Curtin Hall B84

Lauren Rosen Director, Collaborative Language Program
University of Wisconsin
IALLT President-Elect
International Association for Language Learning Technology

This hands-on workshop will engage participants in individual and group tasks, exploring the use of AI to create content for your teaching and learning environments. With a focus on timesaving techniques for everyday tasks and rethinking what we assess, attendees will gain insights into working smarter not harder and assessing the process rather than the final product. The workshop delves into the use of prompt creators for student tasks, conversation partners, idea generation, and more. Discussions will also address considerations of accessibility and different versions of AI tools. The final hour will be dedicated to the creation of content/redesign of materials and/or assessments for use in your spring courses. By the end, educators will be equipped with practical skills to effectively integrate AI technologies into their language teaching practices, fostering an enriched and dynamic learning environment.