2021 ACTFL NRC Workshop #3 Integrating Skills and Modes for Curriculum Design

Integrating Skills and Modes for Curriculum Design

This one-day workshop focuses on how to build a curriculum that is designed to keep students making steady progress in terms of overall proficiency.  ACTFL will customize the workshop to focus on achieving Intermediate, Advanced, or Superior levels of proficiency in various skills (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening) and modes (Interpersonal, Presentational, Interpretive) depending on the needs and aims of your program, faculty and students.  The integration of study abroad experiences into the program of study will also be considered.


This one-day workshop will take place online on:
     June 2 Wednesday (8:30am – 11:30pm) and (2:30pm -4:30pm Central Time)


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2021 ACTFL Workshop #3 Registration