• No Room for Hate at UWM - On May 6th a student held up a sign of a swastika at a public event celebrating Israeli Independence Day in Spaights Plaza, at the heart of UW-Milwaukee’s main campus. While free speech protects the student’s right to express even the most loathsome views, we use our free speech to denounce the presence at UWM of this hateful Nazi symbol. We stand together as a UWM community to affirm that there is no room for hate at UWM. We applaud the university community for speaking out, and especially those students who voiced their resistance to the message of this symbol.
  • Michael Twitty, author of “The Cooking Gene”, at UWM - Culinary Historian Michael Twitty, author of the award-winning novel “The Cooking Gene”, was recently a part of a panel discussion held by the Sam and Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies at UWM. Soon, he will be headed to Africa... Read More
  • Joint Statement on the “Muslim Ban” - The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faculty and affiliate faculty join together to condemn the Trump Administration’s executive order banning immigration from seven countries—also known, for good reason, as the “Muslim ban.”
  • Digital Yiddish Theatre Project - Center Director Joel Berkowitz is the co-founder of the Digital Yiddish Theatre Project. Learn more about the DYTP at Also visit Research: Joel Berkowitz for more information and interviews.
  • The First Hasidic Woman Elected to Public Office in the U.S. - Her swearing-in ceremony included a Yiddish rendition of “God Bless America,” and she switched between English, Hebrew, and Yiddish in her speech.
  • WUWM Lake Effect: Sarah Aroeste - Listen to WUWM Lake Effect's Bonnie North interview Ladino singer Sarah Aroeste in "Preserving the Endangered Ladino Culture Through Music."
  • Patchett’s Guide for Bookstore Lovers - Daniel Goldin and Boswell Books got a shout out in the New York Times. This independent bookstore is a Milwaukee gem. Boswell Books is a great partner with our center. Great Job, Daniel!
  • WUWM Interviews Joel Berkowitz - Preserving and Extending Knowledge Through the Digital Yiddish Theater Project
    On October 24, 2016, WUWM's Bonnie North Interviewed Joel Berkowtz and Debra Caplan about the Digital Yiddish Theatre Project.Listen to the interview
  • Dress British Think Yiddish Interview - In the article "Jewish Theater: Digital Yiddish Theatre Project" on the blog Dress British Think Yiddish, Max Sparber interviewed Joel Berkowtz and Debra Caplan about the DYTP.
  • The Stahl Center’s Fall 2016 newsletter is now available! - The Fall 2016 Newsletter is now available. Download the The Golden Peacock, Fall 2016.


  • 2019 Faye Sigman “Woman of Valor” Lecture: The Making of the Magid Chronicles - Wednesday, September 25, 7:00 pm
    A behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Magid Chronicles. This presentation details the project's development based on the field work of Sofia Magid, the Jewish ethnographer who worked intensively to document Jewish music in Belarus and Ukraine during Stalin’s regime in the 1920s and 30s. Free and open to the public.
  • 2019 Faye Sigman “Woman of Valor” Lecture: The Magid Chronicles - Thursday, September 26, 7:00pm
    Veretski Pass in collaboration with Joel Rubin proudly present The Magid Chronicles, an instrumental collection based on pieces collected by Sofia Magid. The concert combines archival work with new compositions, arrangements and improvisations. Free and open to the public.