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Students interested in a major in Jewish Studies are encouraged to speak with the Coordinator, Dr. Rachel Baum, as soon as possible. Dr. Baum is best reached over email at

Scholarships and Awards for Jewish Studies Majors and Minors

The Sam & Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies offers several awards and scholarships for students who are majoring or minoring in Jewish Studies. Declaring your major or minor as soon as possible will make you eligible for these awards and will put you on the mailing list to hear about them. All Jewish Studies majors and minors can apply for these awards, whether they are taking all their classes online or are taking classes on campus.

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Requirements for the Major in Jewish Studies

Students majoring in Jewish Studies choose from two tracks: Hebrew Studies and Jewish Cultural Studies. Hebrew Studies focuses on the foundations of Judaism, as well as the reading of Biblical and classical Jewish texts. Jewish Cultural Studies focuses on modern Jewish history, literature, film and politics, and does not require Hebrew language.

Jewish Studies majors in both tracks must complete a minimum of 15 advanced-level (numbered 300 and above) credits in L&S courses in the major taken in residence at UWM.