Digital Yiddish Theatre Project

Digital Yiddish Theatre Project

Center Director Joel Berkowitz is the co-founder of the Digital Yiddish Theatre Project. Learn more about the DYTP at Also visit Research: Joel Berkowitz for more information and interviews.

WUWM Interviews Joel Berkowitz

Preserving and Extending Knowledge Through the Digital Yiddish Theater Project
On October 24, 2016, WUWM’s Bonnie North Interviewed Joel Berkowtz and Debra Caplan about the Digital Yiddish Theatre Project.Listen to the interview

Dress British Think Yiddish Interview

In the article “Jewish Theater: Digital Yiddish Theatre Project” on the blog Dress British Think Yiddish, Max Sparber interviewed Joel Berkowtz and Debra Caplan about the DYTP.

Joel Berkowitz Interview

Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project is a collection of interviews with people of all ages and backgrounds, whose stories about the legacy and changing nature of Yiddish language and culture offer a rich and complex chronicle of Jewish… Read More

PaknTreger Interviews Berkowitz

In summer 2014, PaknTreger (Magazine of the Yiddish Book Center) posted the article “Considering Yiddish Theater: Past, Present, Future” by guest editor David Mazower. In the article, Mazower interviewed Joel Berkowitz on his research into Yiddish Theatre.