New Freshmen Academic Profile

This dashboard is no longer being updated due to OAIR's redesigned scope.
Availability:SharePoint Dashboard
Note: To help protect student privacy, this dashboard is limited to people who have existing access to OBIEE. To learn more about requesting access to OBIEE, please click here.
Description:Counts of New Freshman by Fall Semester, ethnicity, academic group (primarily school/college). In addition to counts, the report includes mean ACT score, % in Top 10% of HS Class, % in Top Quarter of HS Class, % in Top Half of HS Class, % English Placement, and % Math Placement.

Users of this dashboard may be accessing FERPA-protected data and are therefore expected 1) only to access such data if they have a legitimate educational reason for doing so, and 2) to take appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of such data, for example, redacting cell sizes less than or equal to 5 if the data will be shared outside of UWM.
Production Schedule:Fall Semester
Data Source:Enrlstats tables
Note:12/18/2020: A small number of the total ACT scores are self-reported.
Change log:4/11/2022: Average ACT score for Fall 2021 was removed, as average ACT is no longer a reliable measure because it isn't required for admission and the submission rate of official ACT scores decreased by a large amount in Fall 2021.

3/6/2020 & 4/1/2020: Remedial information was removed due to errors in branch campus data.