Comparison of Enrollment Dashboard: Annual Final Report

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Notes: OBIEE dashboard will replace SharePoint dashboard in the near future.
SharePoint Dashboard - Student Data from 2012-Current
SharePoint Dashboard - Credits, Fund & Section Data from 2013-Current
Notes: You need to select a term first before filtering other criteria in the Credits, Fund & Section Data SharePoint Dashboard.
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Description:SharePoint Dashboard - Student Data:
Comparison of enrollment by headcount, FTE, and summary of credits. By year in school, current entry status, academic group (primarily school/college), gender, tuition residency, full-time/part-time, targeted status and ethnicity.

SharePoint Dashboard - Credits, Fund & Section Data:
Comparison of enrollment by number of students, credits and units. By fund, academic group (primarily school/college), subject, course, section and section location.
Production Schedule:Every Semester
Data Source:Statmaster tables
Change Log:Fall 2019: Campus data in the student and the credit, fund and section dashboards are available. Prior to Fall 2019, "MAIN" is the default for the campus data.