The Orange Story recieves Honorable Mention for Outstanding Public History Project Award

The Orange Story has just been announced as the 2019 NCPH Outstanding Public History Project Award, Honorable Mention. Congratulations to Jasmine A Alinder and Patrick Hall on the success of this amazing project!

UWM History Professor featured in article discussing the inner lives of animals

Nigel Rothfels has weighed in on the public debate surrounding the inner lives of animals (in this case, bears) in an article featured in Medium. In the article, Rothfels objects to the degrading portrayal of bears in some zoos and circuses.

UWM Historian Rachel Ida Buff Discusses the Immigration Debate in The Washington Post

Check out UWM History professor Rachel Ida Buff’s article, “Why President Trump has won the immigration standoff, even if he doesn’t get wall funding”, featured in The Washington Post.