2021 Phi Alpha Theta Inductees

As part of this year’s Research Showcase, the department celebrates the new inductees of its honor society, Phi Alpha Theta.  The department congratulates this year’s new members: Amber J. Bein Kassidee A. Bergdoll Michelle L. Evans Julia E. Hanley Zalen… Read more

2021 Department Research Showcase

On April 22, 2021, the Department launched this year’s Research Showcase! On the site, 11 undergraduates, 2 graduate students, and 6 faculty present brief videos about their research.  The work spans a wide range of interests and all are encouraged… Read more

Fall 2021 Undergraduate Course Descriptions Posted

We’re excited to be back in classrooms in the fall, and the department has posted its list of courses.  Unlike the generic course descriptions used in the official campus catalog, the descriptions posted here are prepared by the faculty every… Read more

Fall 2021 Graduate Course Descriptions Posted

Please have a look at the fall list of graduate courses.  The descriptions posted here are prepared by the faculty to give the students a fuller and more current idea of what the courses will be all about.