Banda, Sylvia

Interim Director, IT Professional Services
University Information Technology services

Sylvia has served as the Interim Director of IT Professional Services since Jan 2023. She began her career at UWM in 2012 as a Senior Project Manager, and later Strategic Planning and Process Improvement Manager in Finance and Administrative Affairs where she led FAA and campus wide strategic initiatives, including the Shared Services project. Prior to joining her higher education career at UWM, Sylvia managed global business and marketing strategies in the private sector; defining overall project strategies and implementations in the manufacturing, retail, transportation, insurance and banking industries such as Chevron Texas Corp, Kraft Foods, United Airlines, Miller Coors and Northwestern Mutual. Sylvia is also an adjunct professor teaching project and business management undergraduate and graduate college classes. Sylvia has a Bachelor of Statistics and Applied Economics degree from Makerere University and a Master’s in Management Information Systems from Auburn University, Alabama.