Office of Compliance & Ethics

UWM and the Office of Compliance and Ethics are committed to fulfilling UWM’s Guiding Values of:

  • Innovation, leadership, and collaboration that fosters learning through education, scholarship and research, and public service.
  • Opportunities for open inquiry to support the positive transformation of individuals (students, faculty, and staff), institutions, and communities.
  • A caring, compassionate, and collegial community characterized by mutual respect and safety.
  • Diversity in all of its definitions, including who we are, how we think, and what we do.
  • Ethical behavior, based on integrity, accountability, and responsibility.
  • Transparent and inclusive decision making.
  • Stewardship of resources that promote sustainability, prosperity, and equity for all in the local and global communities.
  • Pride in our institution, our unique qualities, and our vital role.

Critical to ethical behavior is not only an understanding of the federal and state ethical rules but also ensuring that UWM is meeting its federal and state compliance obligations.

Review the UWM Compliance Program Plan

Compliance Program
As a doctoral and research-intensive university which maintains Carnegie R1 Classification, as well as the recipient of federal and state funding, UWM must ensure its institutional and individual employee compliance with state and federal laws as well as University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and System policies and UWM policies. UWM operates a largely decentralized compliance structure, with development, coordination and oversight by UWM’s Compliance & Ethics Officer and institutional oversight by Executive and Steering Committees and Compliance Working Groups.
Ethics Program
Similar to its compliance program, UWM operates a decentralized ethics program, with development, coordination and oversight by UWM’s Compliance and Ethics Officer. All staff are governed by UWM’S Code of Conduct, with additional reporting and oversight for many staff through Outside Activities Reporting. UWM also maintains two institutional ethics committees, who are available to consult on ethical issues for faculty and academic staff.