Photo of Kathryn Amato
Kathryn Amato

Kathryn Amato, Compliance & Ethics Officer

Kathryn returned to UWM in 2022 to serve as the Compliance & Ethics Officer.  Previously, she served as UWM’s Public Records Custodian from 2018 to 2021.  Kathryn received her law degree magna cum laude from Marquette University Law School in 1997.  She received her Master of Arts in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2001 and her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1994.  Prior to joining UWM, Kathryn worked at Northwestern University and Marquette University as a law librarian and adjunct professor.

UWM’s Campus Compliance Structure

Campus Compliance Committee Org Chart

UWM’s compliance activities occur within a decentralized structure and are based largely on departmental responsibility for compliance within a particular area. In order to provide increased attention, oversight, and coordination to UWM’s compliance with state and federal laws, as well as UW System Board of Regent, UW System Administration, and UWM policies, UWM created a Compliance Steering Committee, which reports to an Executive Committee comprised of the Chancellor and senior leadership. This Committee will oversee several compliance working groups, each of which is dedicated to a cluster of related compliance topics/issues. The specific committee responsibilities are as follows:

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Charter

The Executive Committee, comprised of the Chancellor, Provost, vice chancellors, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships, Chancellor’s Chief of Staff, and Chief Legal Counsel, has overall responsibility for oversight of UWM’s compliance activities. The Chancellor is ultimately responsible for UWM’s compliance work, and the Division/Unit Heads are responsible for the compliance activities in their respective units.

Compliance Steering Committee

Steering Committee Charter

The Compliance Steering Committee, chaired by UWM’s Chief Legal Counsel, advises the Executive Committee on university-wide compliance activities, the Steering Committee’s work, and the Working Group activities. The Steering Committee is comprised of its chair, the Compliance & Ethics Officer, and the chair of each Compliance Working Group. The mission of the Steering Committee is to promote excellence in UWM’s compliance efforts to assure integrity and compliance with our legal, regulatory, and ethical responsibilities. 

Compliance Working Groups

Working Group Charter

UWM’s ongoing compliance work is coordinated through several Working Groups organized around topical areas. Each Working Group is comprised of those individuals responsible for compliance in specific areas within that working group’s topical area. Each Working Group’s responsibilities are to review and monitor ongoing compliance activities, report to the Compliance Steering Committee as requested or otherwise needed, identify new and emerging compliance issues within its area, and identify, discuss, and determine best practices for the coordination of compliance activities within its area. Each Working Group is expected to raise concerns with compliance within its area to the Compliance Steering Committee chair.