About Us

Introduction to the Division

The Division of Finance and Administrative Affairs delivers essential business services that provide a foundation for UWM’s student success, research excellence, community engagement, climate and culture, and visibility and image.

The departments in Finance & Administrative Affairs provide a wide array of services to steward and facilitate the management of the university’s primary resources:  human capital, finances, facilities, and information technology.  FAA staff perform the accounting functions, plan for building construction and remodeling, provide technology infrastructure and enterprise IT services and resources, maintain healthy and safe research environments, provide security and protective services, clean and maintain the campus buildings and grounds, ensure fiscal integrity of campus financial operations, and provide legal advice and representation.

Consistent with UWM’s guiding values, we strive in all we do to model and promote innovations and collaboration, integrity and responsibility, positive transformation of individuals, transparent and inclusive decisions, a caring community, stewardship of resources, diversity in all it definitions, and pride in our vital role.

Our Vision

We will empower UWM’s future as a premier urban research university through innovation, excellence and strategic partnership.

Our Mission

We deliver essential business services and infrastructure that provide a foundation for UWM’s strategic priorities (student success, research excellence, community engagement, climate and culture, and visibility and image) and advance strategic opportunities.

Our Core Values

Consistent with UWM’s Guiding Values, we strive in all we do to model and promote:

  • Innovation and collaboration
  • Positive transformation of individuals
  • Caring community
  • Diversity in all of its definitions
  • Integrity and responsibility
  • Transparent and inclusive decisions
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Pride in our vital role

Our Strategic Goals

In furtherance of our vision and mission to be the very best administrative unit, we will focus on the following specific goals:

  1. Prioritize student success
  2. Integrate diversity, equity and inclusion in all we do
  3. Lead financial sustainability and strategy
  4. Drive digital transformation and service excellence
  5. Cultivate employees through recruitment, development and well-being
  6. Provide sustainable and engaging spaces, physical and virtual
  7. Advance integrity, safety and security