Certificate in Business of Media and Film Studies in the News!

Film Studies’ new BMFS Certificate is featured in the article, “UWM introduces Business of Media & Film Studies Certificate” in the College of Letters & Science monthly magazine, In Focus.

Approved in Fall of 2016, the BMFS certificate program is intended for students preparing for a career in media, marketing, or film studies who seek to expand their skills and to add another qualification to their résumé.

Dr. Benjamin Schneider, Assistant Director of Film Studies, conceived the idea upon becoming aware that several of his students were studying business, yet were also interested in film studies. He noticed that these same students were limited in how many film studies courses they could take because of their rigorous schedule as business majors. Hence, Dr. Schneider developed the BMFS Certificate to give business majors, as well as Film Studies majors and minors, the opportunity to explore the intersections between the two fields with an eye toward acquiring attractive skills that could influence students’ career options.

Dr. Schneider explained, “The Business of Media & Film Studies Certificate combines two elements: the world of film and the world of business. I want our students to learn more than one set of skills, so that when they go into a job interview, they will be more likely to be hired based on their additional experience. This Certificate will stand out on a résumé.”

As an example of this, Film Studies major Sydney Zahradka landed an internship with the Sundance Film Festival last year. “When I got the call from Sundance Film Festival, they told me that the reason they hired me was the fact that I not only had that film studies knowledge, but I also had that experience with the business side,” Zahradka said.

Read the InFocus article on the BMFS certificate.