Orson WellsOpen to all students in any UWM undergraduate degree program, the minor in Film Studies provides students with critical skills and multiple perspectives on historical and contemporary media forms. It promotes the study of film and media in their aesthetic, social, cultural, political and technological contexts and expands students’ understanding of media as essential elements of our global cultural environment.

Students interested in a Film Studies Minor or those having questions about the Program should contact:

Professor Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece
Film Studies Director and Associate Professor of English
Curtin Hall 493


To complete the minor, students are required to take 18 credits of Film Studies Program approved courses. Students must attain a 2.0 GPA in UWM credits attempted for the minor. In addition, the College requires that students attain a 2.0 GPA in all minor credits attempted, including any transfer work.

ENGLISH/FILMSTD 290Introduction to Film Studies3
or ENGLISH/FILMSTD 291 Introduction to Television Studies
Select one of the following:3
History of Film I: Development of an Art
History of Film II: Development of an Art
Select 3 additional credits from intermediate electives (see below)3
Select 9 credits from advanced electives (see below)9
Total Credits18

Intermediate-Level Electives

ARTHIST/ENGLISH/FILMSTD 111Entertainment Arts: Film, Television, and the Internet3
ARTHIST/FILMSTD 206History of Film II: Development of an Art3
COMPLIT 233Literature and Film:3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 286Writing about Film and Television3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 291Introduction to Television Studies (if not selected above)3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 294Game Culture3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 295Women and Film3
FILM 201Introduction to Experimental Media Arts3
FILM 203Media Workshop:3
FILM 22016mm Filmmaking3
FILM 222Digital Filmmaking3
FILMSTD 212Intermediate Topics in Film and Television Studies:3
FILMSTD 299Ad Hoc:1-6
ITALIAN 329Italian Cinema3

Advanced-Level Electives

ARTHIST/FILMSTD 307Film Directors:3
ARTHIST/FILMSTD 308Film Styles:3
COMPLIT 360Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience: (New Chinese Cinemas)3
COMPLIT 461Film-Fiction Interaction:3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 312Topics in Film, Television and Digital Studies:3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 316World Cinema:3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 320Studies in Film and Television Authorship:3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 329Film and Literature3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 380Media and Society:3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 383Cinema, Television, and Genre:3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 391Television Criticism and Theory3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 393Entertainment Industries:3
ENGLISH/FILMSTD 394Theories of Digital Culture:3
FILMSTD/JEWISH 350Global Jewish Film and Television:3
FILMSTD 395Feminist Media Criticism and Theory:3
FILMSTD 412Global Cinema and Media:3
FILMSTD 489Internship in Film Studies, Upper Division1-6
FILMSTD 499Ad Hoc:1-6
FILMSTD 669Screening Sexuality:3
FILMSTD 699Independent Work1-3
FRENCH 451Cinema of the French-Speaking World:3
JAMS 562Media Studies and Culture3
JAMS 620Seminar in Global Media3