Orson WellsOpen to all students in any UWM undergraduate degree program, the minor in Film Studies provides students with critical skills and multiple perspectives on historical and contemporary media forms. It promotes the study of film and media in their aesthetic, social, cultural, political and technological contexts and expands students’ understanding of media as essential elements of our global cultural environment.

Students interested in a Film Studies Minor or those having questions about the Program should contact:

Professor Gilberto Blasini
Film Studies Director and Associate Professor of English
Curtin Hall 487


Total Film Studies Credits

18 credits

Required Courses (9 credits)
  • ArtHist 205 - History of Film I: Development of an Art, 3 credits
    ArtHist 206 - History of Film II: Development of an Art, 3 credits
  • English 290 - Introduction to Film Studies, 3 credits
  • One intermediate-level 200-299 FilmStd course, 3 credits
Electives (9 credits)

The remaining credits must be selected from advanced-level (300 and above) courses on the approved electives list.

GPA Requirements

Students minoring in Film Studies must attain a 2.000 GPA in all credits for the minor, including any transfer work.