Lined Orbweaver Spider

Note: All links below go to external sites. Howdy, BugFans, When the BugLady spotted this small spider on its horizontal web (while she was officially censusing butterflies and dragonflies), she thought it might be one of the sheet-web spiders. Fortunately, she… Read more

Wildflower Watch – Swamp Milkweed

Note: All the links leave to external site. Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady is already fantasizing about warm, sunny days in a wetland, photographing Swamp milkweed (and dragonflies), because she loves its color, and she loves being in wetlands, and because… Read more

Bugs at the End of Summer

Howdy, BugFans, The Autumnal Equinox is fast upon us, alas, and even though it was a very hot one, the BugLady would like to push that Restart button and go back to the beginning of August. Failing that, here are… Read more

Beautiful Jumper

Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady was on a pier at Riveredge Nature Center when this spectacular jumping spider climbed out from between the planks.  Like the old joke about bacon being the gateway meat for vegetarians, jumping spiders seem to be… Read more

Midsummer Memories 2

Note: Most links leave to external sites. Greetings, BugFans, As promised in last week’s episode, here are more of the bug stories that the BugLady has collected so far. Most of the insects that end up in these survey episodes… Read more

Midsummer Memories I

Howdy, BugFans, Last year the BugLady had so many midsummer stories to tell that she wrote one episode about dragonflies, and a second about “other” (because as seasoned BugFans know (well) her camera gravitates to dragons and damsels). She’s got… Read more

Speed-dating the Spiders – Black Widows

Note: All links leave to external sites. Howdy, BugFans, For years, BugFan Tom has sent pictures from the Deep South of Black widow spiders that he encounters while conducting research in southern thickets in the dead of night. Thanks for… Read more

Bugs in the News

Note: All links leave to external sites. Howdy, BugFans, As usual, the BugLady’s “Bugs in the News” folder runneth over, so here’s a collection of articles to chew on. Many come from the wonderful Smithsonian Daily Newsletter, which not only… Read more

The Twelve Bugs of Christmas 2022

Note: Some links leave to external sites. Greetings of the Season, BugFans, Wow! The 10th annual installment of The Twelve (or Thirteen) Bugs of Christmas! The Bugs of Christmas features shots, taken throughout the year, of insects and spiders who… Read more

Speed-Dating the Spiders – Arabesque Orbweavers

Note: All links leave to external sites. Greetings, BugFans, The BugLady has written several times about the big orb weaving spiders that either delight or alarm people in the waning days of summer. Because there may be several hundred eggs… Read more