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The Saukville Field Station, founded in 1964, is a research and educational facility operated by the College of Letters and Science of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Located adjacent to the Cedarburg Bog State Natural Area, Saukville Field Station’s 320 acres and 10 buildings is supported by an additional 2,000 acres of undisturbed, high-quality natural communities for teaching, research and public outreach.

The Saukville Field Station manages 5 State Natural Areas (SNA), including the Cedarburg Bog SNA, one of the largest and most biologically interesting wetlands in southern Wisconsin. The interior of Cedarburg Bog features a patterned peatland (string bog), an unusual wetland type that is typically found more than 200 miles to the north. More than 35 plant species at Cedarburg Bog are at or near the southern extent of their range in Wisconsin. The Cedarburg Bog also provides excellent habitat for over 300 species of birds.

In addition to the Cedarburg Bog, we manage these State Natural Areas and four outlying properties:

  • Sapa Spruce Bog SNA, an acidic black spruce bog
  • Cedarburg Beech Woods SNA ,an old growth beech-maple forest
  • Neda Mine SNA, one of the largest bat hibernaculum in the Midwest
  • Mayville Ledge Maple Beech SNA, exhibiting ½ mile exposure of Niagara dolomite escarpment and representing the westernmost range extension of American beech in southern Wisconsin
  • Downer Woods on the main UWM campus
  • Benedict Prairie (in cooperation with Prairie Enthusiasts)
  • Thienmann Arboretum
  • Ruess Pine Woods

We welcome visits to the Saukville Field Station; however, the University of Wisconsin has implemented a Closed Campus policy for all remote field stations, including UW-Milwaukee’s Saukville Field Station. This means that you must have written permission to be at the UWM Saukville Field Station or other UW field station properties. White “No Trespassing” signs are posted at the main entrance, access to the boardwalk and around the perimeter to identify the property. Please contact Paul Engevold, 414-659-4179 or engevold@uwm.edu, if you wish to arrange a visit to the property.

We work very closely with the Friends of the Cedarburg Bog a non-profit group whose mission is to support stewardship, understanding, and appreciation of the Cedarburg Bog. We encourage you to check out the public events, volunteer workdays, and quarterly newsletter by the Friends.