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Researchers from many different disciplines use the Saukville Field Station to study plant and animal ecology, evolutionary biology, ethology, taxonomy, geology, and climatology. Research at the Station has produced 415 scientific publications and 152 dissertations and theses since 1970 (see Publications). In a typical year there are about 40 research projects in progress overseen by both UWM faculty and researchers from other institutions. Research use is on a year-round basis and the Station’s staff can provide support for research which requires frequent monitoring. Long-term data bases are available for the Saukville Field Station’s research areas.

Current projects at the Saukville Field Station include studies of behavioral ecology of birds and amphibians; pollination ecology; invasive plants; wetlands and wetland plants; and climatology and phenological studies. The Saukville Field Station also maintains an active program of bat research at the Neda Mine Bat Hibernaculum. See our Annual Report for a list of all projects conducted at the Station in the past year.

Affiliated UWM Faculty Researchers