User Responsibilities for the Farmhouse at the UWM Saukville Field Station

Our shared housing is provided for the convenience of those who are working or visiting the property. There is no housekeeping staff nor anyone available to take care of your day-to-day needs. Our custodial services are provided by the same person who cares for all of the Saukville Field Station. Please keep this in mind and help pitch in.

Upon check out, there is a User Form in the kitchen that must be completed for invoicing. Farmhouse fees can be found here.

  • SFS provides a pillow, blanket, and sheet set for each bed. Please bring your own towel and toiletries.
  • The kitchen is equipped with standard appliances, cookware, dishes, silverware, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies are provided by SFS. Please let us know if you are running low. Damaged or broken items should be reported immediately for the safety of everyone.
  • When you leave, try to leave everything just a bit cleaner than you found it.

Paul Engevold, Interim Director, at 414-659-4179, available 24 hours

Ron Tagye, SFS Superintendent, at 262-623-8893, available 7:30am-3:00pm

Farmhouse Rules

  • Firearms and weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on Saukville FS property.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • No alcohol is allowed. The Wisconsin Administrative Code prohibits possession of open containers of alcohol beverages and consumption of any alcohol beverage on Saukville Field Station property.
  • This is a smoke-free campus. Use of tobacco, smoking, and vaping (e-cigarettes) is prohibited on Saukville Field Station property which includes all indoor and outdoor spaces and University owned vehicles. An exception to this policy may be requested of the Director in the case of a cultural or religious ceremony or event held at Saukville FS.
  • Speed limits are 10 miles per hour on all Station roads and 25mph on Blue Goose Road. The Station is home to researchers, students, and an abundant variety of wildlife, including many deer, making speed hazardous. Please SLOW down and enjoy the scenery. Park vehicles only in designated areas.
  • Place your clean recyclables in the dumpster marked for recycling in the parking area, next to the dumpster marked for trash. Please do not bag your recyclables – just empty them into the dumpster. We are fined if recyclables are in plastic bags.
  • Saukville FS users wishing to have a guest visit them must obtain explicit and prior approval from the Director or Superintendent.
  • Saukville FS staff will not enter your room without your permission except when:
    • responding to what they consider a serious life and/or health threatening emergency
    • accompanied by police officers under their authority and responsibility for the purpose of investigation
    • performing requested, preventative, prescheduled and/or emergency maintenance
  • After your stay, please place your trash in the dumpster in the parking area near the main entrance to the Saukville Field Station.
  • Please take all of your leftover food with you or throw it away. Do not assume that any of your leftovers would be welcomed.
  • Please be respectful of others and “leave no trace.”
  • Try to do at least one thing that makes the area nicer than when you arrived.