The 12 Bugs of Christmas

It’s time again for the Annual “Twelve Bugs of Christmas” event (and, coincidentally, episode #350 in the series, by the BugLady’s numbering). Here are a (Baker’s) dozen insects that will not be getting (or who have already had) their own BOTWs. Feel free to hum along, and have a lovely Holiday.


Millipedes are not insects, of course, but qualify for our attention under the more catholic usage of the word “bug.” Millipedes are scavengers; they have chewing mouthparts and eat dead stuff (mainly plant material) that they find on the ground. Millipede eggs are laid in damp ground; millipede babies have just a few segments and three pairs of legs, and they get more of each as they molt. The females of some species take care of their eggs until they hatch.