Carolina Leaf-roller Cricket – a Snowbird Special

Note: All links leave to external sites Howdy, BugFans, A while back, BugFan Tom sent these pictures of a Carolina leaf-roller cricket from the Deep South. Carolina leaf-roller crickets (Camptonotus carolinensis) are in the family Gryllacrididae, the Raspy crickets, a… Read More

Camel Cricket – the Rest of the Story

Note: Most links leave to external sites Howdy, BugFans, BugFan Carl sent the BugLady a “What-is-it?” picture recently of an insect that had met an untimely end in his basement. It was a camel cricket, an awesome critter that the… Read More

Mottled Sand Grasshopper

Note: All links leave to external sites. Howdy, BugFans, From July into September, the Creeping Juniper Nature Trail at Kohler Andrae State Park is ruled by grasshoppers, and the BugLady had lots of fun chasing them around this summer (she… Read More

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper – a Snowbird Special


Note: All links below go to external sites. Greetings, BugFans, When BugFan Mary sent “what-is-it?” pictures from Florida of this wildly handsome grasshopper nymph, the BugLady said “More, please,” sending Mary back out into the palmettos to stalk grasshoppers with… Read More

Bugs Without Bios XVI

Currant tip borer

Greetings, BugFans, It’s time again to celebrate the bugs that fly under the radar – bugs that are neither famous nor infamous and that live alongside of us, about whom not much has been written. All three of these species,… Read More

The Twelve Bugs of Christmas

red-spotted purple butterfly

Season’s Greetings, BugFans, The BugLady can tell that the Christmas Season has rolled around because the Dr. Who marathon is about to start, and once again, Paul and Mary are showing us how easy it is to concoct showstopper desserts… Read More

Bugs without Bios XV


Howdy, BugFans, Bugs without Bios are bugs who have no fan clubs or t-shirts or Wanted posters and who go about their daily lives without attracting too much attention, yet are still worthy of our admiration.. Actually, there probably is… Read More

Two-striped Grasshopper

The BugLady always enjoys photographing these large, handsome grasshoppers as they ricochet off the prairie plants in late summer. She has danced around them in several episodes – in a generalized discussion of their genus, Melanoplus and as eye-candy in several summer insect picture collections – but they deserve their own biography.

The 12 Bugs of Christmas

As always, we pause to celebrate (while humming seasonal songs and drinking eggy, adult beverages), the Twelve Bugs of Christmas (plus one) – a baker’s dozen of bugs, many of whom have already starred in their own BOTWs but who posed nicely for the BugLady this year.

Melanoplus Grasshoppers redux

These days the BugLady’s walks are punctuated by the small “pop” of grasshoppers taking off and landing, and by the whir of their wings. Grasshoppers and bumblebees seem to dominate the landscape in the weeks leading up to official autumn.