Wetland Homage II – Water Treader

Note: Most link leaves to external sites. Greetings, BugFans, The celebration of American Wetlands Month continues. We’ve all seen the list of wetland benefits – wetlands recharge groundwater, protect us from floods by trapping water and releasing it slowly, improve… Read More

Variegated Meadowhawk Redux

Note: Most links leave to external sites. Salutations, BugFans, Variegated Meadowhawks started appearing in the state from the south and southwest in mid-April this year. Their appearances were brief – they have places to go – but they leave eggs… Read More

Cyrano Darner Dragonfly

Howdy, BugFans, It’s time for a dragonfly. In fact, it’s past time for a dragonfly. The BugLady has not seen this species yet (BugFan Freda has, and she contributed her pictures. Thanks, Freda) but she’s looking forward to the end… Read More

A Species on the March – Part 2, the Slender Bluet Damselfly

Note: Most link leaves to external sites. Howdy, BugFans, Back in the summer of 2019, in an episode about Lilypad Forktail damselflies entitled “A Species on the March,” the BugLady wrote, “Lake Twelve is famous because of the presence there… Read More

The Twelve Bugs of Christmas 2022

Crab spider hiding inside flower.

Note: Some links leave to external sites. Greetings of the Season, BugFans, Wow! The 10th annual installment of The Twelve (or Thirteen) Bugs of Christmas! The Bugs of Christmas features shots, taken throughout the year, of insects and spiders who… Read More

River Jewelwing Damselfly

Jewelwing on a leaf.

Note: All links leave to external sites. Greetings, BugFans, The BugLady has seen a few River Jewelwings over the years, but this summer, one finally sat still long enough for her to get some pictures. River Jewelwings are not quite… Read More

Autumn Meadowhawk Dragonfly

Note: Most links leave to external sites. Greetings, BugFans, We’ve just had an all-too-brief Indian Summer – it got warm enough for the flies to fly, the tree crickets to sing, and yes, for a few very late Monarch butterflies… Read More

Great Blue Skimmer Dragonfly

Note: All links below go to external sites. Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady was looking for bugs in Kohler-Andrae State Park in late July when a large dragonfly flew across the trail and landed about 12 feet up on some shrubs…. Read More

Early Summer Scenes – The Dragonflies

Greetings, BugFans, Spring was long and cool, an arrangement that the BugLady usually applauds (she savors every little step into spring, and she doesn’t like it when the phenology of six weeks is squished into one or two). But this… Read More



Greetings, BugFans, Dragonfly July is drawing to an end. The BugLady’s younger daughter and her friends have been taking to our northern woods and lakes this summer (where the cool bugs are), and she’s sent tantalizing pictures of her encounters…. Read More