Sedges: Identification and Ecology

June 24 & 25 (Friday & Saturday)

Instructor:  Dr. Anton Reznicek, Curator Emeritus of Vascular Plants, University of Michigan Herbarium, has studied Cyperaceae, especially Carex throughout North America and in the tropics, and has a special interest in the Great Lakes region.

The Course:  Identification of sedges, especially Carex, will stress not only keying skills, but using ecological and vegetative characters to identify species and species groups.  In addition to identification we will explore the importance of sedges in a variety of different communities, and gain an appreciation of the dynamics of some of the communities and the role of sedges in these dynamics.

Course fee: $125. Not offered for college credit, 1.4 CEU

Useful materials to bring: Hand lens, mm scale, rain gear, foot wear suitable for wetlands and hiking, field press or some other way to carry specimens.  Please be prepared to take notes in the field, even if it is raining.  A recommended key to the sedges is: Michigan Flora, Part I, Gymnosperms and Monocots. E. G. Voss.  1972.   Available for $19.00 plus shipping from the University of Michigan Herbarium, 3600 Varsity Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, 734-615-6200.  An alternative and complementary guide to the sedges is the new Field Manual of Michigan Flora, A. A. Reznicek and E. G. Voss, 2012.  This new field manual is an update to the three volume Michigan Flora, but does not include illustrations. Available at or bookstores. For Carex only, there is a great Field Guide to Wisconsin Sedges , Andrew L. Hipp. 2008. University of Wisconsin Press. You are welcome to bring sedges collected from your local area to the workshop to identify.

This class is full.  Contact the Field Station ( to be placed on a waitlist.