Closed for June – The Dark Side

Howdy, BugFans,

It’s the last post of June and the final “do-it-yourself” BOTW for a while. Here are some stories about some of the seamier aspects of bugs.

OK – this is like watching a train wreck. Enjoy the video (be sure to suit up).

And another train wreck – once upon a time, when asked about the issue of non-native species, an (unsuccessful) candidate who had been proposed as head of the Department of Interior said that we lose species and we gain species, and it all balances out – what’s the problem? This is.

And yet another.

Monarch migration – small bug, big sky, huge stakes. It takes a village.

An animated map of monarch migration.

Disclaimer. The BugLady doesn’t follow his blog, but the July 4 weekend is upon us (lots of outdoor activities) and the BugLady recently saw a local TV station’s obligatory “It’s-going-to-be-a-bad-summer-for-mosquitoes-folks” feature – never mind that we were then in a moderate drought, with no puddles anywhere. Anyway, this guy has some serious scientific chops, and the BugLady doesn’t like collateral damage. Use chemicals sparingly, or better yet, put them on yourself, not your lawn.

The BugLady