Closed for June – Invasive Spiders

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Howdy, BugFans,

Remember – the BugLady is on vacation for the month of June, hoping for the rain to stop and the temperatures to rise (a little bit – she gets brain-dead when it gets above 74 degrees) and the insects to swim/crawl/fly.

June is Invasive Species Awareness Month in the State of Wisconsin.

What’s the big deal? After all, as one (clueless) candidate for head of the Department of the Interior said about 15 years ago, introduced species result in a net gain in species.

Not all introduced species go rogue – alfalfa isn’t taking over the world, and neither are Holsteins – but some do wreak havoc. The words introduced, non-native, exotic, alien, and invasive are NOT synonymous. The first four refer to species that aren’t from around here, but the last refers to species that, absent their normal grazers/predators, have logarithmic population booms and affect their habitat and the native species negatively.

Here’s a story about a large and recent addition to our “arachni-fauna.”

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